Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Example # 2

Here I am, sitting at Panera Bread on the Plaza attempting to write a paper. My final paper for the end of my first term in Grad school, kind of what happens you ask?

I sit down get settled in, finish my last Facebook post before I begin on finalizing my paper. Not two seconds after I log-out of Facebook does a new form of distraction present itself. A First Date! You can instantly tell these two 20 somethings barely know each other. Their names are called at seperate times to get their food from the counter, and they both do some awkward shuffle around their table to choose the best seat. This interaction was so awkward it was making me uncomfortable! They get seated and the real entertainment begins....their conversation.

A phsyical description of this couple will help when I begin highlighting their conversation. They resemble Sandy and Danny from Grease....sorry I love musicals! But seriously they were Sandy and Danny circa 2000 instead of 1960. More specifically though, they are Sandy and Danny the day school starts. She is the non leather pant wearing, pre-ear piercing Sandy. And he is the too cool but I might suffer from short man syndrome version of Danny. Now the two best parts of their conversation:

Danny is describing his muscle bearing truck and all its cool tricks, and how much he loves it, and the winter makes it fun to get the picture.
Sandy turns her head in confusion, "I drive a Chevy, Colbalt."
Danny, "oh, well, you have front wheel drive at best."
Wow! They are probably meant for each other!

This one is even better. Sandy pulls out the typical first date question, if there was any doubt before that they were on a first date, all doubt vanishes with this question.
Sandy, "Tell me something that not a lot of people know about you?"
Danny, "Cool or serious?" Really, Danny? come on!
Sandy, "Serious."
Then Danny proceeds to describe the tattoo he has on his chest...lame! On top of that the description he was giving her made it sound like a bad Ed Hardy design.
So Danny turns the question back on Sandy.
Her response is equally as lame, as she begins to describe her severe near-sightedness!!!
That is not the response Danny was secretly hoping for!

Needless to say working on my paper took much longer than anticipated!